Our services

Procurement of permits and coordination of slots
All requests for permits are processed individually. Taking into account all the details of the flight, as soon as possible we receive all the necessary confirmation for business / VIP flights in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Presence of operating contracts with airports allows us to coordinate the slots in a timely manner required for passengers.
We are also able to provide services for the extension of the rules of the airport.
Navigational support of flights
Within the framework of navigation support for flights, we are ready to offer You the following services:
– Printout of flight documents for the crew. Immediately upon arrival at the terminal of the airport of departure, the package will be handed over to the crew by our representative.
– Control and filing of FPL. We will help You to fill in FLP at the briefing, notify You about its status, to make changes in case of delays and postponements.
– Sending information on the following means of communication to the customer: e-mail, AFTN, FAX.
– Correction of problematic FPL in Kazakhstan.
– Tracking the location of the Aircraft.
– Consultations on the use of the air space of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
– Development of the optimal route.
Ground handling
Presence of representative offices in the airports of Kazakhstan allows us to provide high-quality handling services.
The list of our services includes:
– Payment of airport charges
– Representation services
– Transportation services for crews and passengers
– Flight catering
– Booking of hotels and accommodation of crews
– Assistance in the passage of border and customs formalities
Flight catering
Flight catering is an integral and important part of any flight. Therefore, to meet the needs of our customers, we cooperate with the best restaurants and specialized companies in Kazakhstan. By providing on-board meals, we not only pay attention to the quality of products and elegance of dishes, but also timely delivery of the order on board.
Passage of customs and border procedures
When servicing the flight at the airport, our representative will provide all necessary assistance for the passage of border and customs formalities:
– will make sure that the crew and passengers as quickly as possible passed the control.
– will consult in detail on the features of the procedures.
– will assist in case of unexpected problems.
Booking of hotels and accommodation of crews
We provide accommodation services for crew members in hotels. Even in the most intense periods, we will do our best to accommodate the crew in the hotel anywhere in Kazakhstan. Moreover, we have very good existing contracts, so booking a hotel with our help is much cheaper than doing it directly. At the request of our customers, we can arrange hotel accommodation by Bank transfer.
Lounge services to VIP / business class passengers
The status of our customers’ passengers requires the highest standards not only in the provision of technical services, but also services aimed at ensuring the comfort and safety of the passengers themselves. We will be glad to provide You with modern and comfortable services at all airports of Kazakhstan:
– VIP and Business halls
– Conference hall
– Meeting room
The friendly staff will offer Your passengers everything You need for leisure and business: the best food and drinks, fresh press.
Constant changes in the schedule for business aviation are the norm. The crew can leave the plane earlier or later conditionally scheduled time and the machine for it should be ready at any time.
We work only with those transport companies that for many years of cooperation with us have established themselves as reliable partners with a high level of security.
For the crews of our customers we offer comfortable and roomy minibuses, for passengers – Executive class cars.
Organization of Charter flights
Thanks to cooperation with other airlines, we are ready to assist You in the organization of one-time Charter flights.Our partners own various types of aircraft that can satisfy Your preferences.
Other services
If You have any other questions, our service center will be happy to assist You. Please do not hesitate – the solution will be found!